the photographer


I created this site to share the beauty I see around me with my family, friends and anybody else who’s interested. I’ve been interested in photography on and off since I got my first camera back when I was in college. Starting with shooting black and white and doing my own developing and printing, to shooting colorful digital images and working in a completely digital environment.

I’m originally from Beverly, Massachusetts¬† just north of Boston on the North Shore. I migrated west to Winter Park, Colorado where I lived for 9 years, then settled in Santa Cruz, California in the early 80’s. My aim has always been the same. To express the beauty I see in the world through my lens.

For me, the essence of photography is capturing an image that is one of a kind. Numerous variables including composition, lighting and exposure make every image unique in itself. This uniqueness is what holds my interest in photography.

Hope you enjoy! I appreciate any feedback.